How to Use Promo Codes Effectively

Customers love online coupons. Whether it be coupon codes for Amazon or a promo code Shopify has to offer, customers are always on the lookout for the best online sales right now. From a business perspective, store coupons and discount codes are both a good thing and a bad thing.

The Good Part

The good thing about giving promo codes for free stuff or granting any kind of promo code wish of customers is that it encourages them to shop from your store. It might also help in retaining clients and building a lasting relationship. The latter is likely to occur if you give loyalty coupons for food and other items.

The Bad Part

If you don’t do it correctly, a heavily dependent promo code strategy can backfire. How? Well, your customers might get used to getting things at a discounted price. This means they won’t buy items at par value.  In the long run, this will affect the image of your brand. Additionally, the loyalty of customers may boil down to who is giving them the best online shopping deals today.

How to use promo codes to maximize value?

There are certain ways you should incorporate promo codes in your business. Here are some of them.

Be careful about which abandoned carts you target with promo codes

You might have heard that giving promo codes to those who abandon their carts is a great way to get them back. This is true. But, shoppers are catching on to this trend and may leave carts purposefully all the time to get the best deals online shopping has to offer. You must do your research and only give promo codes to those who abandon their carts rarely rather than all the time.

Build strategic partnership with online deals websites

To learn about the best deals today, many customers look at the deal news on the best bargain sites. By forming a partnership with these platforms, you can ensure that your company is represented on it. Here are some of the most popular daily deal sites.

  • Sello. This website has an extensive portfolio of independent retailers and vows to never deliver products at par again. By collaborating with Sello, you can reach its wide audience.
  • Ben’s Bargain has thousands of brands on it and posts about their deals daily. Its interface makes filtering as per category a piece of cake.


Be smart about how you use promo codes and you won’t be disappointed.

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