How to Give out Coupon Codes and Promotions?

Not in the history of retailing have coupons and promotional offers been more demanded by shoppers than right now!

 The online deals websites like Retail Me Not and Sello have made online shopping with a coupon an almost a prerequisite. It’s not a secret that customers like to avail the best deals online shopping caters to them. Also, store coupons and discount codes help them feel that way better than online sales.

How to Use Coupons in Promotions?

Being a retailer, running an ecommerce business is doing experiments and taking some risks to ultimately discover – what works best. Using coupons are one of the great ways to capture new and repeat customers. Yet, it’s important to be sure that promotional offers are not the dropouts of your overall brand strategy, instead a part of it.

Store coupons and discount codes should encourage the customers to not only buy the items but also to pay attention to the brand. Retailers should focus on offering well-designed coupons that could leave a more long-lasting effect on their business.

Before you start a coupon promotion, make sure that special offer is right for your market. What gives benefits to other retailers doesn’t mean is good for your business as well. You need to look on the marketing strategy of your business. The way a retailer market differs from other retailer. Not everyone can get benefit from adding coupons of any type of product and not any discounted deal suits to every retailer. And in some cases, wrong way of offering coupons can actually lower the brand’s value.

Follow Popular Coupon Distribution Methods

Variety of the best coupon sites and channels are available out there to reach a target audience. Some of the most strategical and popular methods to go after new customers are:


In case of offering store coupons and discount codes on popular items, simply tweet out and tag on hashtag for the brand name. In order to get more attention, you can also market by tweeting out your promo codes few times a day. Remember that your tweet sentences should not repeat.


Now, Facebook also have an option to use hashtags. Yet, it is better to upload a photo of your discounted product with a precise message about promotional offer.

Marketing On Online Deals Websites

Coupon seekers visit the most popular daily deal sites to get deal news and information. Here are some best bargain sites where you can market your coupons on.

  • Retail Me Not
  • com
  • net

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